Do you see yourself as a perfectionist?

Do you see yourself as a perfectionist? Do you often have harsh self-judgments of yourself and others? Do you feel extremely lonely, and feel you have never fit in? Do you often have social anxiety, or feel threatened in situations where others are relaxed and easy-going?
I am intensively trained and specialize in RO-DBT (Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy). This treatment focuses on addressing over-controlled coping styles in both an individual and group therapy setting. Many clients identify with over-controlled coping as soon as we explore traits like perfectionism, finding it hard to relax, difficulty maintaining relationships, loneliness, being overly cautious, or holding on to anger and bitterness. RO-DBT specifically works towards building three significant areas of emotional health: openness, flexibility with yourself and others, and social connectedness.

What kinds of issues are treated through RO-DBT?

  • Chronic Depression and Anxiety
  • Paranoia and Mistrust
  • Rumination and Obsessive Thinking
  • Loneliness / Social Isolation
  • Grudges / Bitterness / Envy
  • Poor Communication Skills
  • Psychosomatic Issues 
  • Restrictive Eating
  • Compulsive Fixing
To learn more on the RO-DBT Approach visit the RO-DBT Research website (